Donation to American Heart Association

Donation to American Heart Association

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Shoe length should fit true to size, but If you are close or in between sizes, we recommended going a half size up.

All Üni shoes have been created with a naturally wider toe box to account for mild foot swelling that occurs from being on your feet all day, so you may feel a bit more width than you are used to upon the first few wears.

Say Goodbye To Stains, Wet Socks, Germs, And Achy Feet

SuperFabric® is highly effective at killing viruses, bacteria, and other microbes on its surface. The antimicrobial efficiency remains the same even after many cycles of washing and drying.*

Unmatched Durability

Small, durable guard plates precisely placed protect the underlying fabric from being torn or sliced. They also provide a high degree of resistance to scuffs that compromise protection and aesthetics, making them an ideal slash and abrasion resistant material.*

Stain & Worry Free

*As stated by SuperFabric®