About Us

Co-Founders Loftin & Alex

How We Started

We started Üni as two nurses fed up with the footwear options available to us. Running shoes are made to breathe and propel you forward, not keep fluids out and perform job specific movements. “Healthcare” shoes on the market, have some functionality for work, but look cheap, rubbery, and have absolutely no style. So, we decided to solve our own problem and create Üni.

A combined 18 years of nursing experience and thousands of hours on our feet informed every aspect of the shoe design. We tested prototypes in real time, working hours on our feet, in the hospital, to make sure they were being put to the ultimate test in durability and comfort.

Not only did we create a shoe that could perform, but we designed a shoe with style, that can be worn outside of the work environment and not look like a “work” shoe. We crafted them to look just as good in scrubs or a uniform, as they do in gym clothes or casual wear.

Starting a footwear company from scratch has definitely been one of the most rewarding challenges of our lives and we are so excited to share our dream shoe with you!

Loftin and Alex

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