5 Steps to Make a KILLING as a Üni Affiliate

If you're reading this, you are likely just starting your journey as an affiliate and want to learn the strategies people are currently using to make loads of money by promoting the products and brands that they love. Lucky for you, there has never been a better time in history to start a side hustle (or even career) as an affiliate marketer. This article's purpose is to teach you the strategies used by already successful affiliate marketers, most of whom had to learn this info through years of trial and error.

What is my job as an affiliate?

As an affiliate, your goal is to get the brand you are promoting as many sales as possible, using your custom discount code or link. Every time somebody makes a purchase from the website using your unique code, you automatically get paid a commission of that sale. The more sales you get, the more money you make. This is an exceptional business model because as an affiliate you literally have no expenses whatsoever, so every dollar you earn is pure profit.


How much can I make as an affiliate?

Another massive upside to affiliate marketing is that the earning potential is unlimited. As long as you keep getting sales, you keep getting paid. Many master affiliates make six figures monthly.

For example, Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income made over $100,000 in affiliate commissions in December 2017.

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1. Get well versed with Üni

As an affiliate, you will be using a variety of methods and strategies with the overall goal of getting as many people as possible to make a purchase with your personalized discount code. Regardless of the method you use to promote, it is very likely that potential customers will have a number of questions they want answered before they purchase. As an affiliate, it is your responsibility to have a solid knowledge foundation of Üni, so that you can answer questions your potential customers have with ease. Some of the most common questions customers have are:

  • How long does shipping take?

  • How is the product quality?

  • Details about the specific product (Sizing, colors, etc.)

If you can answer all of these basic questions with ease, you will be able to turn many potential customers, on the fence if they should purchase or not, into sales (Woo-Hoo)! Finding this info is usually very simple. We have an FAQ page on our website, where you can go over the most common questions and concerns that we receive from their existing customers.


2. Decide on a platform

Having a platform as an affiliate marketer allows you to have a structured method to promote your discount code. Theoretically, you can use any social media platform that you are comfortable with (or word of mouth!), but the most popular ones for affiliate marketers are TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or word of mouth at the hospital!


Regardless of the platform you choose to use, make sure you are posting a lot of content that relates to the brand you promote, or that potential customers might find interesting. If the content you post is consistent with what you are promoting, your audience will turn to paying customers with ease!

If you have Instagram, put your discount code and the store's URL in your bio. If you are using TikTok, be sure to add our products to your shop. If you are using Youtube, include this info in the video descriptions. For most other platforms, just be sure to include the discount code and URL in as many posts as possible, as well as your bio when applicable.


3. Start with friends and family!

There is no better way to get your first few affiliate sales than by reaching out to your friends and family! This is an amazing way to gain momentum and set yourself up for a long, successful affiliate marketing career. Since your friends and family will be happy to support you no matter what, make sure you reach out to everyone you can think of! Explain to them that by using your discount code, they can get these awesome products at a great discount and support your new business venture at the same time. It's a win win!


4. Grow a following

As time goes on, it gets more and more important that you continue posting high quality content that is relevant to the brand you're promoting. The more consistent you are, the easier it will be to build a large and engaged following. Although it may be slow at first, once you start gaining momentum you will be thanking yourself for sticking with it and staying consistent. Keep in mind that this business model has no expenses, so even if one month you hardly make any money, you still are profiting! This is one of the only business models in the world where you can be profitable off of super low revenue, so keep that in mind when times get tough. There should never be a reason to quit! Once you start figuring out the type of content you will be posting, your focus will shift toward building a following on that platform. There are many ways to do this, so I have linked articles that better explain how this can be done:

5. Get people to use your affiliate code

To maximize the sales you get, make sure you are posting and promoting your discount code as often as possible, without coming across as pushy. If people DM you about your content, don't feel bad to mention your discount code and site URL in your reply to them. People love feeling special, so if you message your friends or followers saying that you have a special discount for them, they will be significantly more likely to use it! If someone you are messaging says they plan to buy something with your discount code and several days go by without them using it, politely follow up with them and ask why they haven't made their purchase yet. Most of the time, they just need a few simple questions answered. Good thing you've been studying the FAQ! ;)


Need Help Posting?

Don’t Try to Get Lucky - Do a Good Video

  • Be a customer - just a normal person that purchased this product (don’t say you got a freebie)
  • Be relatable - tell your own personal story & bring your own personality
  • Quantity and quality - create 3 to 4 good videos about this product - data shows later videos have better reach and higher conversion rate (more commission)
  • 60 seconds - longer videos tend to do better
  • Showing your face helps - it changes everything
  • Go through the points why people buy this product (talk about problem - solution)
  • Talk directly to a person - what it did for you and how can it change their life
  • Write script ahead of time - this is going to help you create concise & powerful video
  • Start with the hook from the list below

Why Do People Buy This Product?

  • Stylish & versatile work shoes
  • Sleek design & neutral colors to go with everything
  • Can wear to work, to the gym, or just with regular clothes
  • They don’t look plastic-y and bright like all the other healthcare shoes
  • Fluid resistant, slip resistant, stain resistant, super comfortable
  • Wide toe box to account for foot swelling that occurs on long shifts
  • Super durable wont get body fluids soaking in the mesh like your Hokas/On’s
  • Support nurse entrepreneurs

Viral Video Formula: Hook (from the list) + Keep the product in frame while talking to the camera + Show it on + Cover all points why ppl buy it

Viral Hooks for This Product:

  • GRWM while I talk about my new favorite work shoes
  • If you’re constantly buying new work shoes then you need to know about Ünis
  • This is why I stopped wearing running shoes to work
  • My coworker used to always complain about her feet hurting until…
  • Here's something I wish I knew sooner
  • Unpopular opinion: ____ aren't that great for nurses
  • If you've tried every brand of nursing shoes…
  • I’m a running shoe addict but not anymore 
  • 3 reasons why these are my favorite shoes ever
  • If you’re like me and think nursing shoes suck, watch this