What goes in to making a shoe?

What goes in to making a shoe?

Great question, we had no idea either! We wanted to share a brief breakdown of our process and why it takes time.

Step One

Find and Work With a Designer

We have been lucky enough to work with an incredible designer. We spent hours, weeks, and months sending screenshots of different shoe designs so he could create sketches for us to adjust and choose from. 

This back and forth went on for around 6 months.

Step two

Choose Your Fabrics & Colors

This part was fun, but also incredibly time consuming. We picked out colors and fabrics online, and waited for samples to arrive. However, they usually looked completely different in person, which made it extremely difficult finding the perfect one.

Step three

Create a Sample

We then had to find a manufacturer that was willing to work with two nurses building a startup, with limited experience.

The sample creation process takes MONTHS. We gave the factory our design, they created a sample and sent it back to us. We would make a list of changes and tweaks, send that back to them, and then they would work on creating a new sample. A lot of back and forth!

That process went on for close to a year before we finally landed on our current design. 

Step four


This is where we are now, and moving right along!

In order to make different shoe sizes (which we currently have 20), each size needs its own mold created. The molds are used to shape the outsole and midsole, aka the bottom of the shoe. This comes at a high initial cost, and takes approximately 3 weeks to produce. 

After molds are created, the shoes can start production. This takes anywhere between 50-75 days to do a full inventory run. Once the shoes have been completed, they are shipped to our warehouse, where we can then ship them to you. 

This process has been a difficult learning experience, but also extremely gratifying. We hope you enjoyed learning about the shoe making process, and now understand why your shoes are definitely worth the wait!


  • Britny

    How long until we get our orders?

  • Методиева

    Работя като акушерка – 12 часови смени в родилна зала и неонатология.
    Търся еднорог 😁 37 размер …

  • Lace

    Just ordered and can’t wait till delivery! I’ve been in retail and on my feet for so long and the average sneaker isn’t cutting it anymore! 10+ hours a day I can’t wait to see how these do!

  • Sheri

    I teach kindergarten and am on my feet all day. I am always looking for a shoe that will support my active life. I use to wear a 7.5 but with age have moved into size 8. I am wondering how true to size UNI is.

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